How To Make Carrot Face Mask

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Do you know that carrot is also used for making your beauty glowing and extra stunning? Well probably you would surely be unaware! In our everyday life we have seen that many housewives make the extreme use of carrots in the salads and cooking but they just forget using the carrot for their skin beauty at all means. In this article we will be highlighting some of the main and most known recipe of making carrot face mask that would surely be a big shock for all such women who were not aware from the benefits of carrot for such reasons.

How To Make Carrot Face Mask

  1. Take one large carrot and peel it off. Now boil it in some hot water and when the knife is easily stuck inside theVegetable dainty carrot it means that it has been heated fully. Now mash the carrot until it didn’t turn into a thick formation.
  2. Take one small spoon of honey and one small spoon of olive oil and apply it over the face. This form of mixture is quite beneficial for the skin spots and acne. If your skin has been suffered with the extreme oiliness then make less use of olive oil.
  3. Now mix some drops of lemon juice in it. But make sure that the drops of lemon juice will depend upon your skin texture. If your skin is oily then make the use of fewer drops. In case of dry skin use 8 drops of lemon juice while for oily skin use one drop of lemon juice.
  4. During the blending time if you think that the mixture is bit thick then you can add few drops of olive oil in it.
  5. Now allow the whole mixture to get cool down for sometime so that it can get matched with your skin tone.
  6. In the final stage, apply the mask on the face for maximum 20 minutes and afterwards wash it with some normal temperature water.
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After applying these simple steps, you can easily make the carrot face mask for your skin. After using this carrot mask, you will definitely get healthy skin.

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