Ittehad Textiles Embroidered Winter Collection 2012-2013 For Women

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Ittehad textiles is a popular and well known company which provides textiles in Pakistan. It is a textile mill introduced by Ittehad Group of Companies. It was founded many years ago. This textile mill provides wide variety of fabrics. It includes lawn, linen and cotton. Every year, Ittehad textiles showcased many collections. Recently, Ittehad textiles launched latest and exclusive embroidered winter collection 2012-2013 for women. This winter collection 2012-2013 includes stylish and beautiful embroidered shirts. Moreover, Ittehad textiles embroidered winter collection 2012-2013 includes beautiful embroidered shirts, printed dupattas and plain trousers. Like previous collections, this winter collection has additional stuff for the winter dresses. These include long sleeves, panels and borders. This embroidered winter collection 2012-2013 is perfect for all ages of women. So all women and young girls should check out latest embroidered winter collection 2012-2013 by Ittehad textiles.

Currently, all embroidered winter dresses by Ittehad textiles are available at all leading fabric retailers of Pakistan. For Pakistani women and pretty girls, few pictures of Ittehad textiles embroidered winter collection 2012-2013 are given below. After seeing the pictures, if any woman wants to know the price range of these winter dresses then she should visit the face book fan page of Ittehad textiles. The address of face book fan page is given below:

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Facebook Fan Page:

The feature model for Ittehad textiles embroidered winter collection 2012-2013 is beautiful Ayyan Ali. We are hundred percent sure that Pakistani women and young girls will surely like these embroidered winter dresses. So all women should set their budget for buying these beautiful winter dresses. These embroidered winter dresses are the best combination of attractive colors, elegant embroidery and unique designs. Just wait a bit here and give a look at the latest embroidered winter collection by Ittehad textiles.

Ittehad Textiles Embroidered Winter Collection 2012-2013 For Women

Elegant Winter Collection 2012 By Ittehad Textiles

Few Pictures Of Ittehad Textiles Collection 2012-2013

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