+100 Junaid Jamshed Pakistani Dresses 2016

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+100 J. Junaid Jamshed Dresses For Women LogoJ. Junaid Jamshed Clothing is very famous Pakistani fashion brand which is working in Pakistan since 2000, The industry is basically produce Perfumes and Cloths for both women and men, Their last year summer collection was very popular due to its design and embroidery patterns. Junaid Jamshed Pakistani Dresses are very popular in Pakistan and across the globe.

+100 J. Junaid Jamshed Pakistani Dresses 2016

+100 J. Junaid Jamshed Pakistani Dresses 2016

Junaid Jamshed Clothing recently launched their amazing yet stunning summer spring collection on 4th February 2016. This catalog based on 11 Collections and 100 dresses in different fabric material such as lawn, chiffon and Silk. This collection is representing the colors of Pakistan, and theme of this collection is based on art of trucks, The collection name is Har Rang Apna is showing itself the theme. In this spring summer collection J. Clothing covered all the traditional color of Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan and KPK. We have compile this catalog in 10 awesome collections so Lets have a look at this amazing #HarRangApna collection.

#1, Lawn Triad (22 Beautiful Dresses)

+100 J. Junaid Jamshed Pakistani Dresses 2016

This collection includes 12 amazing dresses embellished in rich colors and design, the febric of this collection is pure Lawn, J. designed these dresses in 3 piece which is perfect for styling your spring and summer seasons. These dresses have been designed with real colors of Pakistan from 4 provinces. No matter who you are, where you belong to Pakistan you would love these dresses just because of their colors.

#2, Chic In Chiffon (14 Colorful Dresses)

+100 J. Junaid Jamshed Pakistani Dresses 2016

This amazing show stopping collection with elegant and bright colors and stylish designs is a complete style tip for your parties, This summer spring collection is completely capturing the real color of Pakistan. The main material of this collection is pure Chiffon.

#3, Silk Trance (3 Stunning Dresses)

+100 J. Junaid Jamshed Pakistani Dresses 2016

This silk collection is based on 3 amazing dresses which are designed with laces which made this collection on the height of style. These dresses are pure silk material and it is a three piece collection. the pink dresses really very perfect for any evening parties.

#4, Exquisite Jacquard (5 Stylish Dresses)

+100 J. Junaid Jamshed Pakistani Dresses 2016

This three piece jacquard collection have some real stylish dresses, The designs and color are rich in the pattern, This dress is available in pure jacquard material, all of these 5 dresses are beautified with its elegant styles and colors. You can find all the details of these dresses such as embroidery size, dupatta and shirt sizes in the picture above.

#5, Double Divine (22 Gorgeous Dresses)

+100 J. Junaid Jamshed Pakistani Dresses 2016

This two piece dress collection is truly a double divine because of its rich color combination with embroidery designs, This collection is available in 22 different amazing colors which is absolutely representing the real color of Pakistan. This collection is available in three material lawn, chiffon and silk, you can find the other design codes and information in the pictures.

#6, Kurti Craze (26 Elegant Kurtis)

+100 J. Junaid Jamshed Pakistani Dresses 2016

This kurti collection from Junaid Jamshed was the most awaited collection of this catalog, In this collection they have introduced most convenient and elegant kurtis, They are read to wear so get one for your wardrobe, The black kurtis in this collection are really beautiful for parties and evening events.

#7, The Digital Dazzle (6 Awesome Dresses)

+100 J. Junaid Jamshed Pakistani Dresses 2016

This collection is a must have collection for the spring and summer seasons, These digital prints are full of beautiful colors and elegant designs which will entice your eyes. This collection contain 5 gorgeous dresses for any kind of events and casual wardrobe. You can find the further information in the pictures above.

#8, The Formal Flair (5 Trendy Formal Dresses)

+100 J. Junaid Jamshed Pakistani Dresses 2016

This formal collection has changed the whole formal dress collection with its amazing color and rich design, These 5 trendy dresses from this collection is must have dresses for this season because of its wide range of designs. you can wear these dresses at any formal party such as mehndi, valima or any office party.

#9, Teen Trendsetters (18 Beautiful Teen Dresses)

+100 J. Junaid Jamshed Pakistani Dresses 2016

Junaid Jamshed did not forget the young generation in this catalog and presents them a wide range of amazing yet gorgeous dresses for your parties and casual uses, These outfits are must have attire for your summer collection. This collection includes 18 Beautiful dress for teenagers in stunning styles and colors.

#10, Girlish Glee (14 Perfect Dresses)

+100 J. Junaid Jamshed Pakistani Dresses 2016This collection based on casual dresses which every girl can wear and make her everyday beautiful, the colors of these 14 dresses are gorgeous and the designs are rich in their taste. You can also wear these outfits for school or college parties. You can find the more information about this collection in the pictures above.

How You Can Purchase Them?

you can buy these dresses from any of the outlets of J. Clothing which are listed below, also you can make an order online from Junaid Jamshed Online Shop.

Inquiry Email: info@junaidjamshed.com
Shop Email: eshop@junaidjasmhed.com
Support Email: customersupport@junaidjamshed.com
UAN: 111 112 111
Phone: 021-5064901-3
FAX: 021-5064904

Outlets Addresses:

Dolmen Mall, North Nazimabad, Karachi

(021) 36724238

Opens at 12:00 PM Everyday

Junaid Jamshed Hyderi Outlet

(021) 36643967

Opens at 11:00 AM Everyday

If its there anything else you would want to know you can freely ask the question in the comment below, we will try our best to reply your queries asap.

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