Latest Black Mehndi Designs For Eid 2014

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Here in this post you will find some latest black mehndi designs for eid 2014. Black mehndi is considered to be as the emergency mehndi who is made up of chemicals and henna. Yes, black mehndi is now a days very common in fashion. Especially, these are using as a bridal mehndi because it gives color instantly. The black mehndi can be applied with chemical black mehndi cone. Women are using it in a way to outline the mehndi designs with black mehndi cone and then filled up with henna. There are so many twist and turns in mehndi designs. The red mehndi, orange mehndi and black mehndi are now a days hottest trend among women. So, here are some beautiful latest black mehndi designs for eid 2014 below.

Latest Black Mehndi Designs For Eid 2014

Latest Black Mehndi Designs For Eid 2014 6

As the eid is coming and the preparation of celebrating CHAND RAAT is on its peak. Beauty parlors and mehndi experts are seem to be busy in choosing best mehndi designs for their customers. There are so many mehndi designs can be applied on hands for Eid-Ul-Fitr. Professionals can make any design through their mind. There are normally Pakistani mehndi designs, Arabic mehndi designs and Indian mehndi designs are seeing commonly everywhere. But now a days, so many unique and stylish mehndi designs are introducing day by day such as peacock designs, floral pattern, waves pattern, round face shape and so on.

Latest Black Mehndi Designs For Eid 2014 13

So, all girls out to be there, i am here going to share with you some beautiful and latest black mehndi designs for Eid-Ul-Fitr 2014 below. These black mehndi designs are looking attractive and classy. These mehndi designs will definitely make your eid day complete. Let’s check out below and grab them for eye-catching and appealing looks.

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