Latest Trend Of Women Shoes For Summer 2014

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Here in this post i am sharing with you some latest and trendy shoes collection for women 2014. These shoes are from latest collection for summer 2014 by different fashion brands.This collection represents the latest trend of women shoes for summer 2014. As we know that the shoes are considered to be as the most important fashion accessories for women which always needs extra attention when buying. There are a variety of shoes which are available in markets are perfect for summer season. Fashion markets are overloaded with different kind of shoes for women which are purchasing for different purpose. Let’s see below the latest trend of women shoes for summer 2014.

Latest Trend Of Women Shoes For Summer 2014

Latest Trend Of Women Shoes For Summer 2014 2

Women are always purchasing trendy and fashionable shoes for them. They always purchase shoes according to the season as well as occasion. Now a days, the trend of women shoes for summer 2014 are categorized into three main categories, which are briefly describe below:

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1. Pointed Toes Style:

Pointed toes style shoes are one of the best choice of women for the seaosn of summer 2014. The pointed toes shoes are coming in flat heel and high pencil heels. These shoes are perfect for all type of occasions. The straps and buckle as used as an addition to enhance their beauty.

2. Back Zipper Style:

Back zipper style shoes are now a days getting so much fame among girls. Young girls are mostly wearing this style of shoes in every walk of their life. This is one of the most favorite shoe style among women. The high heel and slipper both type of shoes are coming with back zipper and front strap at the an ankle.

3. Decorative Shoes Style:

Now a days, we can see the market got overloaded with so many decorative shoes for women. Women love to wear decorative shoes like beads work, button work and floral arrangement. These type of sandals are mostly come in slippers and low heel shoes.

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Let’s check out the latest trend of women shoes for summer 2014 below. These shoes will definitely help you to find out latest shoes style for summer 2014 for women.

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