Easy Steps Of Polka Dot Nail Art Designs

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Fashion has no limits and when it comes to women then there are so many unique and stylish fashion trends are seeing. From head to toe, women always adopt fashionable things that make their personality appealing and sunning for others. There are so many unique and ultimate fashion trends are running for women in which trends of nail art designs are getting enormous famous day by day.  There are so many stylish nail art designs in fashion but the trends of polka dot nail art designs are getting famous and popularity. Polka dot nail art designs are much popular in fashion of women. There are so many polka dot nail art designs that are difficult to apply. Polka dot nail art design is very much difficult but with proper attention and complete guidance you can make it simple and easy. Let’s read below.

Easy Steps Of Polka Dot Nail Art Designs

Easy Steps Of Polka Dot Nail Art Designs 10

Here in this post you will find some easy steps for polka dot nail art designs, By following these tips you will get a perfect kook.

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1. First of all, collect all the tools that are using to design nail art design. All polka dot nail art designs are applying with expensive nail art tool kit. You can also use toothpick, bobby pins and Q-tips to get a desire doting look.

2. Now, remove old nail polish color from nails with the help of nail polish remover and then clip and file your nails to get a perfect desire shape.

3. Now, apply the first base coat that assists prolong the life of your manicure.

4. Once the base coat is dry, apply nail polish on each nail with the white nail polish. You can also apply any color of nail polish to get a desire look. Apply smooth and long strokes that the paint doesn’t clump out from nails and then let it to be dry.

5. Now make dots with the help of toothpicks, bobby pins or Q-tips. You may placing the small neon-colored dots on each nail. Apply minimum five dissimilar dots at the top of nails.

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6. Let’s your nails get dried properly and then apply a layer of clear nail polish at the tops. It will stop the nail polish from chipping off too.

7. You can easily enhance the beauty of your polka dot nail art designs by embellishment of studded stones, beads, bows, rhinestones and so many more.

With these simple and easy steps you can easily apply your favorite polka dot nail art design. This way, you will get a perfect and beautiful look definitely.

So, here are some of the beautiful polka dot nail art designs below. Try them now and make your appearance elegance and stunning!!

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