Top 5 Bridal Dresses Colors For Mehndi 2015

As we all know that the wedding season is going. Wedding is the most important part of women’s life. Every women want to look stunning on her wedding day. Wedding is incomplete without the enjoyment of mehndi occasion. Mehndi and mayoon are the best part of whole wedding ceremony in Pakistan. Brides are also very passionate about their appearance on mehndi day. They want to wear unique style of mehndi dress. Each single year, the fashion trend of mehndi dress is taking so many changes. If we talk about the bridal mehndi dresses colors 2015, then we have so many options. Here in this post i am sharing top 5 bridal dresses colors for mehndi and mayoon.

Top 5 Bridal Dresses Colors For Mehndi 2015

In the past, the yellow was considered to be as the mehndi dress color for brides/dulhan. But now a days, so many other colors are in fashion for brides. Let’s check out the top 5 bridal dresses colors for mehndi, these top 5 colors are very stunning and unique in their style and currently in trend in Pakistan, and i hope you will find a good color combination for your mayoon dress from this post. Lets start with Yellow color.

5. Yellow:

Top 5 Bridal Dresses Colors For Mehndi 2015 - Mayon Dresses - Yellow Dress

Yellow is the most common and popular bridal dress color. Yellow color gives a pretty look to brides. Brides always look simple and gorgeous in yellow color dress. It is the most common color in bridal dresses colors for mehndi in Pakistan. Most of brides are combining their yellow mehndi dress with other beautiful shades to look extra gorgeous and stunning.

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4. Green:

Top 5 Bridal Dresses Colors For Mehndi 2015 - Mayon Dress Green Color

Green is an another most demanding bridal dress color for mehndi occasion in Pakistan. Green color is widely using for mehndi dresses. Green color bridal dresses are getting enormous famous day by day. Most of brides prefer green color for their mehndi ceremony to get a different look. This color enhance the beauty of brides when combined with other colors.

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3. Orange:

Top 5 Bridal Dresses Colors For Mehndi 2015 - Orange Dress

Now a days, the most of brides prefer orange color bridal dress for mehndi occasion than yellow and green. Orange color also gives an awesome look. It is almost similar to yellow color but give an impressive look. Brides are wearing orange mehndi dress with combination of other shades like red, green, gold and so many more.

2. Color Combination:

Top 5 Bridal Dresses Colors For Mehndi 2015 - Color Combination

On the number second of top 5 list, we have color combination. Yes, now a days, brides are combining their yellow and green color dress with other different colors. Color combination in mehndi bridal dresses always look awesome. But the choice of right color combination is very important in bridal dress. You should have to choose those colors to combine that make the dress more beautiful and outclass.


Top 5 Bridal Dresses Colors For Mehndi 2015 - Mayon Dress Multi Color

On the top of my list is the multicolor bridal dress for mehndi occasion. Multicolor bridal dresses are much popular for mehndi occasion. Brides are attracting towards multicolor bridal dresses. Green, yellow, range, purple, pink, blue and gold are the bst colors that you can use to design your multicolor bridal dress. It gives a stunning and impressive look to brides on their mehndi day.

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Best 14 Bridal Dresses Colors For Mehndi 2015 In Pakistan

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