5 Best Winter Dresses 2014 For Women

As we all know that each single year, the fashion trend has taken so many changes according to the season and atmosphere. As we are entering in the season of winter, every woman is seem to be busy in shopping for clothes that are perfect for winter season. Women always love to do shopping and purchase new and unique style of clothes for their wardrobe. For winter, season, there are so many styles of dresses have released by famous designers and brands. In this busy life, women are most attracting towards ready made dresses, so here in this post i am telling you 5 best winter dresses 2014 for women below.

5 Best Winter Dresses 2014 For Women

Well, there are numbers of dresses designs for women that will go in year 2014 but these 5 best winter dresses designs for women are most popular and demanding. Let’s check out these dresses designs below.

1. Long Shirt With Tight:

5 Best Winter Dresses 2014 For Women 1

long shirt with tight is the most favorite and demanding dress design among women. Women are wearing long shirts with tights in any walk of life. The straight shirts, A-line shirts and tale shirts are pairing with tights to get a complimenting and appealing look. The embroidered and printed shirts are pairing with plain tights, while the plain shirts look awesome with embroidered tights. Printed tights are completely out of fashion. So, if you want to look fashionable then avoid them.

2. Tunic With Palazoo:

5 Best Winter Dresses 2014 For Women 4

Palazoo is one of the most popular fashion outfit among young girls. Mostly, palazoos are pairing with tunics and tops. You can simply pair up your printed palazoo with plain and embroidered tunic. If you wearing dark color tunics then must combine it with vibrant or light shaded palazoo. The color matching is the most important factor in these style of dresses.

3. Knee-Length Shirt, Pant with Over Coat:

5 Best Winter Dresses 2014 For Women 3

Knee-length shirts are again back in fashion. After such a long time period the knee-length shirts are back to mesmerize women. Knee-length shirts are pairing with pants to get a complete classical look. The over coat is also wearing with knee-length shirts and pants in winter season because it give an artistic look. if you are thinking to wear this type of dress then must remember that your shirt and pant is in same color and over coat is in different shade. You cannot make a choice of different colors for individual piece, it might look out tune or wont suits you more in this way.

4. Long Shirt With Trouser:

5 Best Winter Dresses 2014 For Women 5

long shirts have been in fashion since few years ago. They are still in fashion because of their high demands. long shirts use to wear with trousers and they looks awesome and stylish, Most of girls are wearing long shirts with trousers to get comfort and relax. You can simply make a choice of printed or embroidered long shirts in straight or A-line pattern with plain trousers. Printed trousers also give an appealing look when pairing with printed long shirts.

5. Frock With Tight:

5 Best Winter Dresses 2014 For Women 2

Frocks are the hottest trend among women. Every age group of women love to wear in every walk of life. Most of girls attract towards ready made long or short frocks which are pairing with tight. The plain, embroidered and printed frocks are available in fashion markets which are easy to wear with tights. The color combination is necessary factor in frock.

Well, these 5 best winter dresses designs are hottest and most favorite among all young and mature women. Which one is your favorite?

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