Top 60 Latest Blouse Back Neck Designs – Designers Choice

Saree is the most demanding and decent dress code for women. It is a formal dress that is wearing by women in formal occasions like wedding and other parties. There are so many ways to wear saree but the beauty of saree lies in its blouse, which enhances the cut and hues of saree in any way. There are various style of blouses available inside markets from simple to stylish. The back of blouse always design in a way to give an appealing look to over all saree. Here in this post i am sharing with you top 60 blouse back neck designs below.

These all blouse back neck designs are stunning and from designer series. These back blouse designs are so much appealing that will give your saree a complimenting look. All these blouses include simple to heavily embellished designs which are really fabulous. Let’s check out them below.

Top 60 Blouse Back Neck Designs – Designers Choice

Here are top 60 blouse back neck designs for you which will definitely help you in selecting the best pair of blouse for your saree. If you want to to look stunning in any occasion then must pair up your saree and blouse in a perfect way. Let’s check out some designs below.

Lace Style Back Blouse Design:


This design lies a perfect combination of color of gold and orange. The back of blouse is fully adorned with lace and deep neck style. It gives your simple and less embroidered saree an appealing look.

Zig Zag Back Blouse Design:


This back blouse neck design is simple but gives a stunning back look. It is a cut blouse style in zig zag shape. This is a contemporary style adorned with a stunning bunch.

Back Simple Neck Design:


This simple but exotic back blouse neck design lies with heavily embroidered saree perfectly. The design is very simple but looking stunning because of the little bit embellishment.

Awesome Deep Back Blouse Neck Design:


This green and red blouse design is beautiful. It designed in a way to make your banarsi and rajisthani style saree attractive. The blouse is adorned with banarsi lace work and style is really adorable.

Banarsi Embroidered Back Blouse Design:


This beautiful banarsi embroidered back blouse design is really fabulous. It lies with a simple saree as well as embroidered. The back is fully embellished with banarsi embroidery which gives a stunning look.

String Style Back Blouse Neck Design:


This back blouse design is really adorable. The back cut style is giving more attractive look with string laces. The embellishment of patch work and laces make it more beautiful and decent.

Cut Work Blouse Design:


This blouse back neck design gives an adorable look. The cut work on the blouse is looking appealing and perfectly match able with plain saree. This is a stylish back blouse design.

Patch Work Back Blouse Design:


This golden color blouse with red and ferozi patch work is looking awesome. It is embellished with little bit lace work. This design is beautiful and perfect for all type of plain to embellished saree.

Necklace Style Back Blouse Design:


This exotic back blouse design is very stylish. It embellished with embroidered lace. The necklace style of this design gives a perfect wedding look.

Banarsi Back Neck Blouse:


This yellow and red back blouse design is very attractive. It gives a stunning and contemporary look. The cuts and hues of this blouse is really adorable.

Pink Embroidered Back Blouse:


This beautiful back neck blouse design is adorned with heavily embroidery. This sherwani collar back neck blouse is embellished with zari work.

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Gold Embroidered Blouse:


This gold color back half open back blouse design is awesome. It is embellished with heavily embroidery of thread work. The use of tassel makes this blouse looking really adorable.

Lace Style Back Blouse Design:


This stylish matte gold blouse is embellished with embroidery in blue color. A half lace fabric is used to enhance its beauty. The use of dori also gives an adorable look to this blouse.

Silver Back Blouse Design:


This silver fully adorned blouse design is really exotic and gives a contemporary look. This is a decent back blouse for everyone. It looks great with embroidered and plain saree both.

Maroon Raw Silk Blouse:


This maroon color raw silk back blouse design is very simple. It is plain and covered whole back with its stylish design. It is best and comfortable back blouse design for winter season.

Black Deep Back Blouse Design:


This black and purple color back blouse design is very contemporary. The moonlight fabric gives it a shiny look. It is a perfect blouse design for young girls.

Simple Back Neck Blouse Design:


This very simple but ideal and most commonly wear back blouse design. It gives a simple look but the dori pipin attached to it gives a fabulous look.

Cut Work Geometrical Blouse Design:


A very decent but most attractive back blouse design in magenta and matte gold color is so much appealing. The cutwork done on this blouse enhances its beauty.

U-Shaped Back Neck Blouse Design:


This u-shaped back blouse design is awesome and adorned with banarsi work and tassle. It is also the most wearing style of blouse for a decent look in any occasion.

Backless Blouse Back Neck Design:


This silk embroidered back blouse design is an excellent piece of attire and beauty. It is a contemporary design with full of hues.

Back Hole Printed Blouse:


This printed back blouse design is really attractive. The color combination of black and fawn gives a beautiful look at all. The back hole in the mid of blouse looks very stylish.

Beautiful Back Blouse Neck Design:


This is the most wearing and demanding back blouse design for saree. It is attractive and decent with full of embellishment of embroidery of thread work. The use of tassels and dori give it a perfect look.

Emberoidered Back Blouse Design:


This stylish and decent embroidered back blouse design adds a perfect attire to your personality. The embellishment of embroidery and other cuts make it more beautiful and attractive.

Checkered Back Blouse Printed Design:


This is a simple but looking appealing back blouse neck design. The use of dori adds hues to this design. The multi-colored checkered printed design is looking awesome.

Simple Back Blouse Design:


This green colored back blouse design is really awesome and stylish. The use of zipper gives it an attire look while the pipin and lace work with banarsi fabric makes it perfect for any occasion.

Banarsi Back Blouse Design:


This stylish banarsi back blouse design is a perfect example of beauty and attire for women. It would give your saree a complimenting look with its unique back design.

Pink and Gold Back Blouse Design:


This is a beautiful back neck blouse design which makes your saree an apealing look. It is stylish and the use of silk and banarsi fabrics make it beautiful. The lace work also done on it to make it stylish.

Black Net Back Blouse Design:


This full embroidered back blouse design is looking fabulous with cut and hues. This lace net fabric gives it a decent look which suits to your embroidered and plain both type of sarees.

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Bow Style Back Blouse Design:


This is a baby cut style back blouse design in black rawsilk fabric. The bow style of back of blouse makes it decent and lovely. The use of dori gives an artistic look.

Decent Back Neck Blouse Style:


This moonlight back blouse design is very simple. The use of collar gives ita  decent look while the back open makes it attractive and modern. It is stylish back blouse design for everyone.

Yellow Back Blouse Design:

This simple back blouse style is common in all. It is very easy to make and it suits with both embroidered and plain saree. The little bit embellishment of lace makes it decent but attractive.

Chiffon Embroidered Back Blouse:


The little bit embroidery of stone and lace work make this back blouse neck design awesome and appealing to eyes. It is a contemporary look for any attire.

Gotta Work Back Blouse:


This blue color back neck blouse design is very attractive. The use of gotta work as a lace gives it more decent look. The back open with use of dori pipin make it more stylish.

Golden Gotta Blouse Design:


This back blouse design is giving a perfect attire look for any occasion. The gotta work as a lace gives it a traditional look and the banarsi patch work in the end of blouse adds cuts to it.

Black Stylish Back Blouse Design:


This beautiful black rawsilk back blouse design is very decent. It is embellishing with gotta work on the edges and dori. This sleeveless back blouse design is ideal for summer season.

Black Embroidered Blouse Design:


This back blouse design is a piece of an attire for women. The embellishment of embroidery of thread and salma work make it more stylish and give it a traditional look.

Pink Banarsi Back Blouse:


This banarsi back blouse design is really decent. It is simple looking but fully traditional. It adorns with silk pipin and banarsi fabric to give it a contemporary look and cuts.

Back Covered Blouse Design:


This back covered blouse design is very decent and perfect for those who don’t want to show their back. The use of heavy embroidery and lace work make it fully adorable.

Plain Silk Blouse Design:


This simple back blouse design is opened from back in V-shaped. It gives a very simple but attractive look. The use of button makes it more beautiful.

White Embroidered Back Blouse Design:


This white embrodiered back blouse is also decent but attractive. It lies with a plain saree as well as embroidered. The stitching style of a blouse is decent and simple. The embroidery of thread work gives it a beautiful traditional look.

Multicolored Chiffon Back Blouse Design:


This back blouse design is looking stylish with a decent multicolored patch work on the border and collar of blouse. The back open style of this blouse is very attractive.

Green Embroidered Back Blouse Style:

This back blouse design is so much appealing and looking traditional with its style. The dori pipin and embellishment of embroidery make it more attractive.

Simple Back Blouse Design:


This simple banarsi back blouse design is giving a fully traditional look as it is a good example of beauty and attire for any occasion. It is a common back neck blouse design.

Backless Blouse Design:


This backless blouse design is ideal for a lovely and sexy look in any occasion. Normally, girls love to wear this back blouse design to make their personality appealing and complimenting.

Matte Gold Back Neck Blouse:


A great example of traditional look for every women to get for any wedding occasion. This back blouse design is really attractive and makes your saree complimenting for every ocassion.

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Casual Style Back Blouse Design:

This is a casual style of back blouse design that gives your perosnality a decent look. It can also wear formally as it lies with plain and embroidered all kind of sarees. The use of button on back and embroidery on sleeves instead of blouse make it more stylish.

Printed Baby Style Back Blouse:


This is a very cute style of back neck blouse which is simple but exotic. It is usually perfect for casual wear. The printed blouse with the bow band on the back of blouse gives a stunning look.

Embroidered Lace Back Blouse:


This heavily embroidered back blouse design is really ideal for everyone. It can be pairing with plain or net fabric sarees perfectly. The use of stone, beads and thread work give it a traditional look.

Banarsi Coral Back Blouse:


This coral peach back blouse design is really decent and attractive. It is ideal for every style of saree. The use of banarsi fabric with bnarsi lace make it more traditional.

Simple Back Neck Blouse:


This simple black blouse design for back is beautiful. It is a great example of attire for women to get a decent look in any formal occasion.

Lace Work Back Blouse Design:


This green colored back blouse design is really attractive and smart. It is simple but looking graceful due to its lace work on the edges of blouse. It is simple yet stylish.

Mughal Art Back Blouse:

This back blouse is embellished with mughal art. It is very decent back neck blouse design which can be wearing in any occasion easily. It doesn’t show your back but gives a glamorous look.

Lace Back Neck Blouse:


This lace fabric back blouse design is very contemporary and gives an artistic look. It is sleeveless but makes your perosnality appealing with its traditional look.

Blue Back Blouse Design:


This is another most stylish lace fabric back blouse design. The embellishment on blouse gives a traditional look while the stitching style makies it modern.

Embroidered Back Blouse Design:

This back blouse design is awesome and stylish. It gives a decent contemporary and traditional look with its banarsi fabric. The use of dori makes it a piece of attire.

Raw Silk Back Blouse:


This raw silk back blouse entirely covered your back in a decent way. The use of full button and little bit thread work make it more stylish. It is ideal for matured women to get a glamorous look in any occasion.

Back Open Blouse Design:

This back blouse design is really stylish and fabulous. It gives your perosnality an appealing and traditional look with cuts and hues of beauty and attire.

Leaf Style Back Blouse Design:


This beautiful casual wear back blouse design is attractive which gives you a back open look in fully decent way. It is ideal for casual wear look.

Pink Back Blouse Look:


This pink colored back blouse is design gracefully with embellishment of lace work. It is simple but exotic and gives your personality a fabulous look.


So, these top 60 blouse back neck designs are from designer series. You can make your own choice to pair up these styles of back blouse with your saree. Makesure, if your saree is plain then pair it up with heavily embellished blouse and with embroidered saree you can make a choice of plain or simple blouse for complimenting look.

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