Top 12 Best Shampoos In India For Thin Hair

In this article, we are going to tell you 12 best shampoos in India for thin hair which cleanse hair without doing any harm to them. People with strong and thick hair can handle hair dye, bleach, tons of heat but if you have really fine delicate thin hair it is like a little baby that you have to take care of it, you have to be very gentle with I, you can’t be harsh with it. And if you are having too much of hair fall while you do shampoo then you should check out your shampoo also may be it’s not suiting you and you need to change it. so we made a list of best shampoos available in India that work wonders with thin hair, weak hair, dull hair and for hair fall.

Top 12 Best Shampoos In India for Thin Hair

Here is a list of 12 best shampoos in India for thin hair, they are the most popular shampoos in India. We have compiled this list according to buyers and professional doctors reviews. These shampoos are affordable and easily available in offline and online markets. So let’s have a look this list.

1. Loreal Total Repair 5 shampoo

Price: 155Rs for 175ml

Type: For Damaged Hair

Best Shampoos In India for Thin Hair:

It is the shampoo that cleanses your hair gently, makes your hair grease-free, very soft, very shiny and also frizz free and nourishes broken hair. If you are fond of hair styling, hair dye so this shampoo is for you as it improves quality of hair and fights with signs of damage like hair fall due to breakage, dry hair, rough hair, splits ends. It also controls dandruff. This shampoo works wonders on dry dull and damaged hair. The consistency of the shampoo is thick so you have to mix it with water to get the best results.

2. Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Price: 130Rs for 200ml

Type: For All Hair Types

Best Shampoos In India for Thin Hair

This shampoo reduces hair fall and promotes hair growth. It is a composition of herbal and chemical ingredients. It doesn’t completely stop hair fall obviously but it really improves your hair growth and also promotes softness in your hair. Key ingredients in this shampoo are Butea Frondosa and Eclipta which reduce hair breakage and activating hair growth by nourishes hair root.

3. Pantene Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Price: 110Rs for 180ml

Type: For All Hair Types

Best Shampoos In India for Thin Hair

It focuses more on strong hair rather than just shiny hair. It contains keratin damage blockers technology that helps in stopping hair fall up to 98%. I would like to share my personal experience here like few days before I had severe hair fall issue then I came across this Pantene Anti Hair fall shampoo, now my scalp is hardly oily and my hair fall is near to zero. It is the very inexpensive shampoo that really stops hair fall and suitable for all hair type.

4. Dove Damage Therapy Shampoo

Price: 64Rs for 90ml

Type: For Dry Frizzy Hair

Best Shampoos In India

A really good moisturizing shampoo that cleanses your scalp gently too. It tames the frizziness and gives smooth, silky hair. It gives immediate results after first wash you will feel the softness in your hair. Even if you have dyed hair this product helps you keep them healthy and moisturized well. Fights well against damage and breakage.

5. Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution Shampoo

Price: 180Rs for 340ml

Type: For All Hair Types

Best Shampoos In India

Sunsilk hair fall shampoo contains the pro-vitamin B7 biotin that gives power to hair, thickens weak and damaged hair and also promotes hair growth. Soya bean extracts in this shampoo give shine to lifeless hair. Frequent use of this shampoo prevents hair loss and hair thinning and makes your hair healthy by hydrating them, a small amount of this shampoo is enough to cleanse the scalp and nourish hair.

6. Dabur Vatika Root Strengthening Shampoo

Price: INR 189 for 200ml

Type: For All Hair Types especially for Weak hair

Best Shampoos In India

It is a very light non-creamy shampoo with the mild and pleasant smell and it makes hair thicker and smooth. This shampoo main work is to control frizz and give hair definition and reduce hair fall, as this shampoo is rich in coconut milk and almonds which give shine and smoothness to hair. Use of Dabur Vatika Shampoo along with Dabur Vatika Cream soften hair and reduce hair fall.

7. Fiama Di Wills Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Price: 140Rs for 200ml

Type: For Damaged and Weak Hair

Best Shampoos In India

This shampoo is easily affordable and widely available in the market. To anyone with dry hair or hair fall, this might be your go-to product as this shampoo contains Brazil Nut Oil that gives volume and shine and prevents from hair fall. You can use this shampoo daily to get stronger hair.

8. Vaadi Herbal Amla and Shikakai Shampoo

Price: 64Rs for 110ml

Type: For Dry and Rough Hair

Best Shampoos In India

This shampoo is enriched with Amla and Shikakai which help in getting long and thick hair also add shine and volume to your hair, prevent grey hair, stop and control dandruff. Amla and Shikakai strengthen hair root and help in hair growth. As this shampoo has all natural ingredients it cleanses scalp gently without taking away natural moisture from hair.

9. Jovees Heena and Ginseng Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

Price: 195Rs for 250ml

Type: For All Hair Types

Best Shampoos In India


Jovees are nowadays a leading beauty products company in India and their shampoos are very famous for hair care. This shampoo contains Heena and ginseng extracts and it is suitable for all hair types. It is a gel-based shampoo that smells really nice and cleans dirt, excess oils and impurities from the scalp and leaves hair soft and manageable. Presence of Heena in this shampoo makes hair thick and shiny. This shampoo helps strengthen hair and does help in treating dandruff. As this shampoo contains all natural ingredients so we can use it on daily basis.

10. Baba Ramdev Patanjali Kesh Kanti Shampoo

Price: 70INR for 200ml

Type: For All Hair Types

Best Shampoos In India

This ayurvedic shampoo is specially designed for reducing hair fall. It contains one of the most popular herbs Reetha that is really good for treating dandruff and gives shine and thickness to hair. If you are facing the problem of hair fall this herbal shampoo fights well with itchy scalp and hair fall without making them dry and rough.

11. Khadi Saffron, Tulsi, and Reetha Shampoo

Price: 115Rs for 200ml

Type: For Dry and Dull Hair

Best Shampoos In India

This shampoo is having Saffron, Tulsi and Reetha and it is basically for dull hair so people who have dull hair can use this herbal shampoo because it is rich in protein as saffron provides protein, tulsi is anti-bacterial which is good for dandruff and Reetha makes hair thick and cleanses them. It is an Indian made shampoo and pocket-friendly you can get 200ml shampoo in 115Rs.

12. Forest Essentials Shampoo

Price: 1295Rs for 200ml

Type: For All Hair Types

Best Shampoos In India

If you want to say goodbye to chemical and sulphates shampoos so you should try these forest essential shampoos based on Ayurvedic formulation. They are 100% natural shampoos and this shampoo comes in three variants:
a) Bhring Raj and Shikakai Shampoo: It is for thin hair and promotes hair growth and fights with hair fall.
b) Japapatti and Brahmi: It is for damaged, rough and dull hair that repairs frizzy hair and gives the new shine to your dull and dead hair.
c) Amla, Honey and Mulethi Shampoo: It is for all types of hair that gives shine and moisture and necessary nutrients to your hair.


Expecting a shampoo to make your hair silky, smooth and strong in one application is completely unrealistic. Hair gets damaged over months, so give your shampoo few applications and keep in mind that everybody has different hair and different hair needs so select shampoo according to your hair type is necessary.

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