Bridal Makeup Tips For Mehndi Occasion

Mehndi is considered to be as the most important part of whole wedding occasion. Mehndi is an event which is known as a colorful happening of wedding celebration. Women always look forward to this occasion and it is a day that is surrounded by the ladies. Mehndi occasion is all set up with colors and shines. Each single year, the makeup trend always change for brides. Sometimes back, we have seen a bride sit on the stage without any makeup in mehndi occasions. But now a days, the trend of bridal makeup for mehndi has totally changed. Now in this modern era, mehndi bride also prefer to wear makeup but in light and nude shades. Here in this post you will find bridal makeup tips for mehndi occasion below:

Bridal Makeup Tips For Mehndi Occasion

Bridal Makeup Tips For Mehndi Occasion 4

By following these best bridal makeup tips for mehndi occasion, you can enhance your beauty having natural look. For those brides who want to look natural on their mehndi occasion must be check out these makeup tips below:

1. First of all, i would like to mention that the color of dress for mehndi occasion is very important while you apply makeup on bride. Mostly, yellow, green, red and orange are the shades of mehndi bridal dress. For those dress colors, the use of mild gold and light brown shades are perfect and suitable for brides.

2. Brides with oily skin must have to apply only base on the company of face powder. For eyes, you can use mild shades that these shades are the best alternative of all mehndi dresses.

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3. Avoid heavy makeup for mehndi occasion because this day is all about to look natural. it is very important to get a glowing skin with light makeup on mehndi day.

4. Fr eyes, it is recommended to apply just thin eye liner or kajal. Avid thick layer of eye liner on your eye lids to away from dramatic look.

5. Give yourself a natural pinkish look with light pink blush on and complete the over all makeup with pink or nude color lip gloss.

6. At the end, use shiner to give as shimmery look to your appearance on the stage.

These all bridal makeup tips for mehndi occasion are best and effective for all skin type. Now Let’s check out here below some beautiful bridal makeup pictures of mehndi occasion to get a better idea.

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