Laurein Winter Dresses 2013 For Women

Laurein would surely be a new name for the majority of the fashion lovers. Although this brand has been newly established in the fashion world but it has surely made its successful recognition in the middle of the well-known fashion designers and brands. Laurein has been identified with the full name as Laurein Printed & Embroidered Fabrics. This brand has arrived inside the fashion market in 2012. Laurein have launched their first debut collection during the month of Ramadan in 2012. Their product line mainly revolved around the party dresses and casual wear clothes. The best thing about their collections has been the mixture of two flavors i.e. prints and embroidery and this factor has been always loved by the women. Freshly, Laurein has highlighted incredible stylish and versatile collection of winter dresses 2013 for women. In this winter collection 2013, the women have two choice for buying the outfits as they can either make the choice of full suit or either just the shirt only.

All the shirts in the formation of suits have been placed with duppattas and trousers while the women the women can combine the shirts separately with tights, trousers, churidar pajamas and with jeans as well. They have made the use of finest and top superior fabric that is quite idealistic for the winter timings. The color schemes used for the formal dresses are revolving with the shades of multi-colors that is turning the collection colorful adding with white, red, black, yellow, blue and orange. Here we are sharing few outstanding pictures of Laurein winter dresses 2013 for women. Just like all their previous collection, this time as well the brand has make the use of both the classy tastes of prints and embroidery that is much awesomely put together and is often coming across as eye-catching. The women can grab all this collection of winter dresses 2013 through hitting their outlet in Lahore at Xinhua Mall. We are sure that these appealing and much impressive formal dresses by Laurein will forced the women to forget blinking their eyes at every single outfit.

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Laurein Winter Dresses 2013 For Women

Laurein Winter Dresses 2013 For Girls 006

Elegant Winter Dresses By Laurein

Laurein Winter Dresses 2013 For Girls 003

Few Pictures Of Laurein Collection 2013

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