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Model Cybil Chaudhry, Now we are going to share with you all about your favorite Pakistani Models, Actors and Actresses.To know about your favorite icon of Pakistan fashion industry, it is a passion of fans.Here is a biography of Model Cybil Chaudhry for you.

Model Cybil Chaudhry is one of the most famous model of Pakistan.Cybil chaudhry was born on 16th February 1984 in Germany, but she has nationality of both German and Pakistan.Cybil Chaudhry is one of the married models having sweet and polite nature.She is well mannered women in front of camera as well as in her personal life.Cybil Chaudhry was on peak of her career of model, when she was announced about her marriage with Kashif, she was in love with Kashif and married soon.Cybil Chaudhry was just nineteen years old when she has given to birth a baby boy named Kevan.She is a family loving women and also work hard for her career.Like so many Pakistani top models, Cybil Chaudhry’s model status was not happened by chance.According to our knowledge, Cybil’s mother thought that Cybil has an ability to make a good career in modelling.But according to the view of Cybil, “If i am not a model, then i must be a graduate student who trying to be figure out her major.”

Cybil Chaudhry was admired by one of her good friend and top model Vaneeza Ahmed.As Vaneeza Ahmed and her brother Amir was helped to do work with famous photographers Ather and Shehzad.She made one portfolio and done a photo shoot with Ather & Shehzad and then she was on the screen of camera very soon.Cybil Chaudhry is now a very famous and top model of Pakistan.She is walking on ramp and do commercials with very comfortably.She says, “Modelling and Acting are two professions and modelling is just for models and acting is just for actors.” Popularity and famous is not a passion of Cybil, she gets uncomfortable when people recognized her as a model on streets.She is a good model and very friendly with her co-workers.She shared her thoughts with her friends but never hangout a lot with them.Cybil spends more time with her son as she says that i don’t want to do anything, that keep away her from her child Kevan.

Cybil was awarded as a best model of the year 2012 and she is not worry about her career in future because she knows she has ability to get fame and due to her good nature and hard working she will get fame very much.Here is a some latest pictures of Cybil Chaudhry photos and pictures below:

Model Cybil Chaudhry Photos

Cybil Chaudhry

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