Pakistani Super Model Amna Haq

Aaminah Haq is the most beautiful and elegant former model and actress of Pakistani television industry. She has gained huge popularity after becoming the LUX model. She also famous as the Aishwariya Rai of Pakistan. In this post, we will discuss the professional career of Pakistani Model Amna Haq. She was born on 4th November 1972 and she is the daughter of former Chief Minister and Governor of Punjab named as Mustafa Khar. She started her professional career as a Page 3 girl. Moreover, she started her career in a professional way in different drama serials like Gardish, Chandini Raatian, Mehndi, Ghulam etc. But mehndi was the drama serial in which she got tremendous popularity. Because of this drama serial, she won best actress award in Lux style awards. Apart from actress, she is also the professional and top model. She did modeling for big names and fashion brands like Libas, Fashion Collection, Lux, Visage etc. She also hosted a chat show in Aag tv named as Aaminah Haq show.

We would like to mention that Pakistani Model Amna Haq won many awards like Critic style award, best actress in Lux style award, best model in Lux style award etc. Now we would like to discuss her personal life that she married her friend Ammar Belal. As we know that Ammar Belal is the well known fashion designer. These days, the couples live in Lahore. Lastly, we present the list of best drama serials in which Aaminah Haq did tremendous performance:

  • Aina.
  • Chaandni Raatian.
  • Chupke Chukpe.
  • Doorian.
  • Mehndi.
  • Nigah.
  • Ghulam Gardish.
  • Sila.

This talented actress and model has achieved success in a short span of time. Without any doubt we can say that Aaminah Haq is the definitely the super model of Pakistan. New and fresh models should learn from her. Few pictures of Aaminah Haq are given below:

Pakistani Model Amna Haq

Beautiful Pakistani Model Amna Haq

Few Pictures Of Aaminah Haq

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