Pakistani Top Model Ayyan Ali

Pakistani Top Model Ayyan Ali, Ayyan Ali is one of the youngest top model of Pakistan fashion industry.Ayan Ali was born on 30th July 1993 in Dubai, UAE.Ayyan Ali is now a very famous model of Pakistan having innocent face, good and friendly nature.Here we are going to share with you all the information about personal and professional life of Ayyan Ali.

Pakistani Top Model Ayyan Ali Biography:

Name: Ayyan Ali

Profession: Modeling

Birth Star: Leo

Height: 5’6″

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black


Ayyan Ali is a very innocent and good behavior girl from her childhood.Ayyan Ali is a work hard girl and was only sixteen years old when she was stepped in the field of fashion.


Ayyan Ali is today’s fresh face and super model of Pakistan.She is a model who is in eye of famous fashion brands.Every one want to sign her for photo shoot to promote their brand.Ayyan Ali referred as a next super model of Pakistan.Ayyan Ali is a hard worker and very possessive about her acreer.She has gained very much fame in a very short period of her career.Ayyan Ali is one of those fashion models who die for figure, looks and features.Ayyan Ali was awarded by Calvin Klein as a “Beauty Of The Year 2010.” She was also nominated in so many fashion awards as a best female model.

Ayyan Ali has worked with so many famous fashion brands and also done so many commercials ads.Ayyan Ali has also walked on the ramp of so many fashion shows and gave her awesome and stunning looks always.Ayyan Ali is only a model of Pakistan who is always looking change in her every photo shoot.Just wait a bit here and have a look at the latest pictures of Pakistani Top Model Ayyan Ali below:

Pakistani Top Model Ayyan Ali Photos:

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