Pakistani Top Model Nadia Hussain

Pakistani Top Model Nadia Hussain, Here we are going to share with you all about your favorite model and TV actress Nadia Hussain.Nadia Hussain is a very famous and gorgeous TV actress and her name is in today’s top models.Here are all the information about Nadia Hussain below:

Pakistani Top Model Nadia Hussain Childhood:

Nadia Hussain was born on January 11, 1979.She was a student at Beacon house Public School and also done her BDs at Fatimah Jinnah Dental College.By profession she is also a dentist and also running her Radiance Skincare Treatment House.Nadia Hussain has emerged on the screen of camera, when she was very young.She did a commercial of Crystal Toothpaste and also done a video for her aunty Tina Sani at very young age.

Nadia Hussain As A Model:

Nadia Hussain has done so many TV dramas and also hosted so many shows.Nadia Hussain is now a very famous and top model of Pakistan.Nadia Hussain has walked on the ramp of famous fashion shows and stolen the ramp with her beauty.Nadia Hussain is one of the tallest model and because of this quality she is in eye of so many fashion brands.Nadia Hussain was also considered as an Asian Bride In India.

Pakistani Top Model Nadia Hussain Personal Life:

Nadia Hussain is very loving and caring person.Nadia Hussain is very possessive about her family.Naida Hussain has married to Atif Khan, a stock broker.Nadia Hussain have given to birth three beautiful kids.Nadia Hussain is a loving mom and also a very caring wife in her personal life.

Biography Of Nadia Hussain:

Name: Nadia Hussain

Profession: Dentist, Model and TV Actress

Height: 5’10”

Status: Married

Here is a latest portfolio of Nadia Hussain below:

Pakistani Top Model Nadia Hussain

Pictures Of Nadia Hussain

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