Sobia Nazir Bridal Wear Dresses 2015 In Stores

[dropcap color=”#1e73be” font=”0"]S[/[/dropcap]ia Nazir bridal wear dresses 2015 have recently launched. These dresses are now available at leading outlets of Sobia Nazir. This beautiful bridal collection is consisting of total 5 dresses. Each dress of this collection is looking simply awesome. Sobia Nazir has designed these dresses with lovely color combinations, stitching styles, heavy embroidery and high quality fabrics. This collection includes [h[highlight bgcolor=”#1e73be” txtcolor=”#ffffff”]ree, straight shirt with pant and maxi[/[/highlight]All the dresses are beautiful but i like the peach one because of its lovely color combination. Let’s have a look at these 5 beautiful bridal dresses by Sobia Nazir below.

Sobia Nazir Bridal Wear Dresses 2015 In Stores

Let’s have a look below for these 5 beautiful Sobia Nazir bridal dresses for February and march. These dresses are really stylish, elegant and appealing.

Sobia Nazir Bridal Wear Dresses 2015 In Stores - Ferozi Dress

This beautiful [h[highlight bgcolor=”#1e73be” txtcolor=”#ffffff”]rozi [/[/highlight]xi is looking artistic because of its heavily embroidery. The open shirt look make this maxi more fashionable. The [h[highlight bgcolor=”#1e73be” txtcolor=”#ffffff”]ganza and chiffon[/[/highlight]abrics with [h[highlight bgcolor=”#1e73be” txtcolor=”#ffffff”]one work, thread work, salma, dabka and korai work[/[/highlight]ave done in this dress. The exceptional look of this maxi make me falling love with it. This is an ideal bridal dress for valima Reception.

Sobia Nazir Bridal Wear Dresses 2015 In Stores - Golden Dress

This golden dress is also very impressive yet stylish. But the western touch of this dress is not suitable for everyone. If you are modern and fashionable then this western style maxi dress is ideal for you. Brides can wear this dress just after wedding. The [h[highlight bgcolor=”#1e73be” txtcolor=”#ffffff”]t and chiffon[/[/highlight]abrics with embellishment of [h[highlight bgcolor=”#1e73be” txtcolor=”#ffffff”]broidery and stone work[/[/highlight]ake this dress lovely.

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Sobia Nazir Bridal Wear Dresses 2015 In Stores - Green Dress

OMG!! the beautiful sari by Sobia Nazir is really mind blowing. It looks awesome and stunning. Do you love saree? If yes, then this Sobia Nazir saree would definitely make you mad. Its beautiful [h[highlight bgcolor=”#1e73be” txtcolor=”#ffffff”]nt green[/[/highlight]olor with combination of [h[highlight bgcolor=”#1e73be” txtcolor=”#ffffff”]lden[/[/highlight]ook amazing. The[h[highlight bgcolor=”#1e73be” txtcolor=”#ffffff”]hiffon[/[/highlight]abric is use to deisgn this saree with [h[highlight bgcolor=”#1e73be” txtcolor=”#ffffff”]narsi[/[/highlight]louse. You can see fine embroidery on blouse and saree. What is your view about this saree?

Sobia Nazir Bridal Wear Dresses 2015 In Stores - Peach Dress

This is my favorite dress of the whole Sobia Nazir bridal collection 2015. This [h[highlight bgcolor=”#1e73be” txtcolor=”#ffffff”]ach and golden[/[/highlight]ress is really marvelous. The [h[highlight bgcolor=”#1e73be” txtcolor=”#ffffff”]iffon[/[/highlight]abric with [h[highlight bgcolor=”#1e73be” txtcolor=”#ffffff”]narsi[/[/highlight]nd net border make this dresses appealing. The heavily embroidery of [h[highlight bgcolor=”#1e73be” txtcolor=”#ffffff”]one, thread, salma and dabka[/[/highlight]ake this dress perfect for brides. Brides can wear this dress after wedding, But i like this dress very much and also planning to purchase it now.

Sobia Nazir Bridal Wear Dresses 2015 In Stores Grey Dress

This full heavily embroidered bridal maxi dress is perfect for valima reception. Brides are also wearing this type of fashionable maxis on wedding day. The [h[highlight bgcolor=”#1e73be” txtcolor=”#ffffff”]ey[/[/highlight]olor maxi dress with embellishment of silver embroidery makes it more appealing and fabulous. Its stylish and graceful look make it pretty as well as eye-catching.

So, these Sobia Nazir bridal dresses are really mind blowing. I bet you, these dresses have stolen your heart. Isn’t true? Share your views with us in a comment box:)

Order Booking Details And Prices:

Sobia Nazir has enclosed the prices of these dresses. You can only find price queries by emailing her. Her contact details are below:

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Phone Number: 0300-8506166

Address: Sobia Nazir Studio – House no 2A, Street 29, F-7/1, Islamabad, Pakistan

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