Top 10 Expensive Purses Brands In The World

Handbags are the most important fashion accessory for women that are using to keep money and extra things when we go out from home. Handbag is very important for every women and women are always finding trendy and fashionable handbags to keep in their wardrobe. As we all know that women always love to buy branded and expensive handbags in different styles. Each single year, there are so many unique style of handbags are coming in a market. If we talk about some of the most famous and popular handbags brands then the international handbags brands are so much famous and popular among women. Here in this post you will find top 10 expensive purses brands below.

Top 10 International Expensive Purses Brands

Top 10 Expensive Purses Brands In The World

 Below are the most popular and top 10 international women handbags brands who always provide high quality handbags for women.

1. Mouawad

Top 10 Expensive Purses Brands In The WorldThis handbag brand is so much popular as it alwyas provide high quality handbags, jeweleries and fashion accessories for women. This company was set up in the year 1891 and situated in Geneva, Middle East and Dubai. Mouawad is ranked as being earning a place in Guinness World Records in year 2010 for providing the most valuable handbags in the world.

2. Chanel

Top 10 Expensive Purses Brands In The WorldChanel is one of the most popular international brand. It was launched in year 1909 and is counted among the top 10 luxurious brands in he world. They always launch high quality handbags and their diamond studded handbags are the most favorite among women. Chanel handbags are so much expensive and costly because of their high quality.

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3. Hermes

Top 10 Expensive Purses Brands In The WorldHermes is the well reputed and well known fashion brand. Their handbags are adorned with diamond studded clasp. They also provide leather handbags in a wide variety of designs.

4. Lana Marks

Top 10 Expensive Purses Brands In The WorldLana Marks is also an another famous international brand who is offering stylish handbags. They have 150 styles of handbags in 100 color variants that are available. This handbags brand is favorite of so many Hollywood celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Anniston, Paris Hilton and so many  more.

5. Hilde Palladino

Top 10 Expensive Purses Brands In The World

This company is among Top 10 Expensive Purses Brands In The World. They provide expensive and costly handbags but in a high quality material. They are best known for the gadino bags that are made up from white crocodile skin.6. Judith Leiber:

Top 10 Expensive Purses Brands In The WorldThis is an another expensive brand in the world of women handbags. This company was established in year 1963 and soon it became a renowned brand in Europe and all over the world. This fashion brand is popular because of their bejeweled handbags adorned with crystals and gems.

7. Marc Jacobs

Top 10 Expensive Purses Brands In The WorldMarc Jacobs, a very well known and well reputed fashion brand for women. Marc Jacobs offers expensive handbags in unique style and looks. The most popular and expensive handbag by Marc Jacobs is Carolyn Crocodile handbag.

8. Fendi

Top 10 Expensive Purses Brands In The WorldFendi is on number 8th in top 10 expensive purses brands. Fendi is an Italian handbag brand was established in year 1925. Ffendi is also known as B handbags. They provide handbags in different designs and styles. Their most demanding handbag is Fendi Selleria Bag.

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9. Louis Vuitton

Top 10 Expensive Purses Brands In The WorldLouis Vuitton is one of the biggest and famous handbag brand and listed as 9th in the list of expensive purses brands. Their handbags are so much popular all over the world. They provide high quality and stylish handbags in expensive prices.

10. Prada

Top 10 Expensive Purses Brands In The WorldPrada is one of the most popular and expensive handbag brand for women. Prada is considered to be as an expensive and well leading fashion brand who provide high quality handbags and fashion accessories. It is also an Italian brand and it was founded in the year 1913.

These all above top 10 expensive purses brands are so much popular and demanding. They are famous fr their expensive products, accessories ad handbags.

So, girls!! which one is your favorite handbag brand?

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