Top 3 Summer Hairstyles For Men 2014

As the summer has arrived, men are seem to be busy in grooming themselves according to the summer. In the season of summer, men are always want to look stunning and carrying those hairstyles in which they feel cool. Here i have brought some trendy summer hairstyles for men 2014 below. These hairstyles are perfect for the season of summer. Men are quite crazy about their look and grabbing those hairstyles that are funky. These top 3 summer hairstyles for men 2014 are very common now a days and you will also want to grab these amazing looking hairstyles.

Top 3 Summer Hairstyles For Men 2014

Here are some latest and most wanted hairstyles for men that are considered to be as a summer hairstyles.

1. Layered Cut With Bangs:

Top 3 Summer Hairstyles For Men 2014 5

Layered cut with bangs are the perfect hairstyles for those who have medium length hairs. This hairstyle is grabbing by young boys who have silky and smooth hairs. Boys are grabbing this hairstyle inspired by Justin Bieber and Zac Efron. For getting this hairstyle you should have to cut your hairs into a bowl shape like side and back hairs are tapering and longer. You can choose to cut down your front hairs into sweep bangs or chapped layers according to your needs.

2. Messy Hairstyle:

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Messy hairstyle is quite famous among men. Men who have strong and healthy hairs they can grab this hairstyle easily. You can cut out your hairs and keep them into back over the crown and also in side. You can also choose to make a bang on front of your hairs. This hairstyle is now a days getting enormous famous among teenage boys.

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3. Faux Hawk:

Top 3 Summer Hairstyles For Men 2014 3

With the passage of modern time, faux hawk hairstyle is getting famous in modern men. Especially young boys are adopting this hairstyle in summer seaosn. Faux Hawk is considered to be as the most favorite hairstyle for men. For getting this hairstyle you should have to cut out your hairs short crops from side and leave the hair longer from middle. For getting faux hawk look, get middle hairs into a tapering style. In this hairstyle you can even make a choice of spikes to get a classic look.

Now you can grab easily one of these top 3 hairstyles for summer 2014 and give your personality an extra shine. Let’s check out below for some pictures of summer hairstyles for men 2014.

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