Pakistani Model Amna Ilyas Biography And Photos

Amna Ilyas is considered to be as a hard working and talented model of Pakistan fashion industry.Amna Ilyas is loving and caring from her childhood.She is now a very famous and demanding top model in our country.In this article, you will know about Amna Ilyas biography as well as see her pictures and photos.

Amna Ilyas Biography And Career:

Amna Ilyas was born on 30 December, 1980 in Pakistan.She has started to build her career in the field of fashion industry at very young age.Amna Ilyas has done so many photo shoots and fashion shows to make a name in this fled.In year 2010, Amna Ilyas has nominated in Lux Style Award as a Amna Ilyas Biography And Photos 010emerging model.Amna Ilyas is to be considered as a fresh face model, who has gained a so much fame in a very short time period just Basque of her boldness and attitude.Amna Ilyas has worked with Pakistan Telecom Company Telenor D juice advertisement.Amna Ilyas has walked on the ramp of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, Bridal Couture Week and so many more.Amna Ilyas is a top model of Pakistan,who has done photo shoot for HSY, Chenone, Karma, Khaadi Khaas and etc etc.She has done photo shoot for eastern and western both type of collection.

According to our resources, Amna Ilyas said in a interview that:
:She is a model, because she loves travel and this is a reason behind her profession.
Amna Ilyas also love to eat but she believes that you can eat healthy foods and take exercise regularly.Amna Ilyas is a top model of Pakistan now, just because she is bold, hard worker and talented.Here you can find Amna Ilyas biography and also get a lot of pictures of Amna Ilyas.Lets see here below:

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Amna Ilyas Biography and Photos:

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