Top 5 Pakistani Designers Of Bridal Wear

Pakistani fashion industry has gained so much popularity in the whole world. Our fashion industry is famous because of talented fashion designers. There are so many fashion designers are working in Pakistan. These fashion designers are popular not only in Pakistan but also in western countries. There are so many fashion designers who are well known due to their specialty. But Some are specialized in casual dresses and some are in bridal. So as you know the wedding season is on the way so i decided to make a post about top 5 Pakistani designers of bridal wear which can help you to find the best designer for your  bridal dulhan dress.

Top 5 Pakistani Designers Of Bridal Wear

As we all know that the wedding bells are ringing everywhere. Brides/Dulhan are looking very passionate about to choose their bridal dress. Now a days, designer bridal dresses are very popular. Every bride wants to wear designer dress on her wedding day, so lets have a look below for top 5 pakistani designers of bridal wear.


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5. Umar Sayeed:

Top 5 Pakistani Designers Of Bridal Wear - Umar Sayeed

Umar Sayeed Bridal Dress

Umar Sayeed is the most promising fashion designer of Pakistan. Umar Sayeed has started to build his career in year 1989. Umar Sayeed provides casual wear to formal wear dresses for women. He also offers menswear collection but his specialty is the bridal wear dresses. His bridal wear collection always full of with contemporary hues and artistic looks. He always designs masterpiece for brides that give an eye-catching look. You can see his latest bridal collection on his Facebook page.

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4. Nomi Ansari:

Top 5 Pakistani Designers Of Bridal Wear - Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari Bridal Dress

Nomi Ansari is also an another most demanding fashion designer. Nomi Ansari has been working in this field since 2001. Nomi Ansari is also among those designers who offers seasonal and occasional both collection. His bridal wear collection is popular worldwide. He always showcases his collection at fashion shows. His specialty is also a stunning bridal wear collection. He designs each bridal dress with ethnic looks and styles.

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3. Mehdi:

Top 5 Pakistani Designers Of Bridal Wear - Mehdi

Mehdi Bridal Dress

Mehdi is one in the promising and talented fashion designers. Mehdi has joined fashion industry in 2004. Mehdi is famous for his bridal wear collection. He is one of the well reputed fashion designers of bridal wear. He always designs a masterpiece for brides that make their personality appealing on wedding day.

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2. Maria B:

Top 5 Pakistani Designers Of Bridal Wear - Maria B

Maria B Bridal Dress

Maria Butt is also known as a Maria B, who is a talented fashion designers. Maria B has been working since very past years ago. She has established her own clothing brand in year 1999. Maria B is known as a talented fashion designers. She offers seasonal collection as well as occasional. Maria B designs bridal dresses in an artistic and exceptional look.

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1. Hassan Shehryar Yasin (HSY):

Top 5 Pakistani Designers Of Bridal Wear - HSY

HSY Bridal Dress

Hassan Shehryar Yasin is also known as HSY. HSY is the well known and well reputed fashion brand. Hassan Shehryar Yasin is being a part of fashion industry since 2000. HSY offers occasional collection for women. HSY provides high quality bridal dresses for every season. HSY also showcases his newest collection at fashion shows. HSY bridal dresses are popular worldwide.

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These were the top 5 fashion designers of bridal wear in pakistan. These fashion designers have launched their latest bridal collection that you can see on their website and Facebook page. Share your thoughts about these designs in a comment box 🙂

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