Top 5 Sunglasses Brands 2014 For Men

Sunglasses are usually used to save eyes from harsh rays of sun. It is the best way to shielding eyes from sunlight. But now a days, it is not only a shield for eyes but also an essential fashion accessory. Men and women both are very possessive about to wear stylish sunglasses. Most of men are very passionate to wear stylish and expensive sunglasses. Men always search branded and expensive sunglasses. There are so many famous fashion brands who are offering elegant sunglasses for men. Here in this post i am sharing with you top 5 sunglasses brands 2014 for men. Let’s check out them below:

Top 5 Sunglasses Brands 2014 For Men

These are the top 5 sunglasses brands 2014 for men below. These all brands are offering high quality and expensive sunglasses. Let’s check out them below.

1. Maui Jim:

Top 5 Sunglasses Brands 2014 For Men Mui Jui

Maui Jim is an international brand that is always on the top in all. It is a sunglasses brands who offers sheer, and elegant style sunglasses for men. Their original mega thin and polarized lenses make this brand famous. They used technology that completely eliminates the glower factor of glasses and also enhances the colors. This is the best designer sunglasses brands in USA. They always design sunglasses for men that add grace to the personality of men.

2. Oakley:

Top 5 Sunglasses Brands 2014 For Men Oakley

Oakley is an another famous and popular sunglasses brand. Oakley is famous in men because of its sporty look. They always introduce new designs for every year. Their every sun glass is perfect for those who are searching for cool and sporty look in sunglasses. Oakley sunglasses have a nice grip to face and it attaches to face all the times also.

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3. Ray Ban:

Top 5 Sunglasses Brands 2014 For Men Ray Ban

Ray Ban is a not new name in the field of providing stylish sunglasses. Ray Ban is very famous in men because of cool, stylish and sexy sunglasses. It is the only sunglasses brand who provide stylish sunglasses in a range of price. Everyone can purchase their sunglasses and this is a reason of their popularity. Ray Ban’s wayfarer sunglasses are very famous in youth and new generation.

4. Prada:

Top 5 Sunglasses Brands 2014 For Men 4

Prada is the old but well known and leading sunglasses brand in men and women both. If we talk about Prada men sunglasses then i must tell you they have an excellent collection of sunglasses for men. This is an expensive sunglasses brand who use the latest technology to make stylish, trendy and elegant sunglasses. You will find small to large sized sunglasses under the roof of Prada. It is the brand for those who want to maintain their standard of living.

5. Gucci:

Top 5 Sunglasses Brands 2014 For Men 1

Gucci is also an another famous brand who is providing high quality sunglasses for men and women. It is the trendiest brands in all leading brand in fashion industry. Gucci is famous for their stylish and even comfortable sunglasses. People used to wear these sunglasses during traveling or in night parties because of their looks and styles.

These were the top 5 sunglasses brands 2014 for men. Which one is your favorite? 🙂

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